Receive, Don’t Send

Receive, Don't SendOne of the key areas that differentiates Reconnective Healing from the many energy healing modalities is that the Reconnective Healing Practitioner does not send energy, is not a conduit for energy, does not diagnose or assess your health condition or situation and then adjust it with energy… The Practitioner receives the frequencies. The Practitioner allows the frequencies to be present by noticing, observing, receiving and the client also receives the frequencies. The client starts to vibrate at a higher level and with that, illness, depression, wrong situations, not so good relationships, confusion… starts to move away. Sometimes immediately, sometimes over a few days or weeks or perhaps situations start to shift to allow something new to move in. Everyone is different and every healing seems to be different too!

It is a bit of a strange concept that may be difficult to ‘get’, especially if you have been trained in energy healing or want to simply look at physical symptoms.

As soon as you do understand, however, that you are a catalyst for these frequencies and that your role is to receive, so that the person having the healing may also receive, everything in the realm of this new type of healing changes. It is different to anything we have experienced previously and our experience in facilitating these healings is also very different.

As a Practitioner I walk away from each session with a deeper understanding of my own life healing, of the concepts of love and separation, and most importantly I feel like I have also had a healing, I feel happier, joyful, less cluttered, at peace. It is not draining, it is energizing. Everything is the other way around to the energy healing techniques we have practiced before.

Sometimes I have a session with a client who I feel and especially deep concern with their illness or situation, feeling like I want to do ‘more’, like I have to give more. And then when I move into the session I realize that it is impossible, it is not me doing the work, I am definitely not the healer, I am simply the catalyst doing what I know how to do, and this means simply being and allowing.

I have told the story to some of you about a girl who came once for healing and she had eczema over her body, so bad that her skin was split and bleeding. I so wanted to smother her with love (and healing balm!) but as I started the session realized I needed to separate myself a little further. I stepped back and allowed the healing to start. I started to cry, I felt such pain in her condition, and again I had to remind myself to step back again, emotionally this time.

We did three Reconnective Healing Sessions over several days and she left. I wondered what had happened until about 5-6 years later when she attended one of our healing seminars. I did not recognize her, she had changed so much and she told me that while it took some time, her eczema had totally healed, she had realized she needed to leave her job and she was wanting to become a healer to help others going through what she had experienced. You can probably imagine the joy I felt at hearing this and felt so happy to see how her healing had unfolded, totally and perfectly.

Maybe if in life we became more the observer, being who we truly are led into being, allowing spirit/God/love – however you see it – to work through us instead of us trying, controlling, thinking we know better, maybe more healing will happen?

I decided to make the month of March a theme of ‘Receive, Don’t Send’. Since I decided this two days ago there is already more flow in my life, I am observing things unfolding that seem to be magical and perfect in a much bigger picture than just me. What if you spend the next few weeks receiving and see what happens?

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