7 Short Healing Stories

Reconnective Healing StoriesI had two sessions of Reconnective Healing with Julie in 2008 in Los Angeles. I had a cancerous tumor growth that, according to my doctor, was going to be almost difficult to combat without serious chemotherapy. I had just started taking some meds for it at the time and my doctor indicated that it could take many months to see if they had any positive effect.

A month later, I go back for a follow up appointment and my doctor is completely dumbfounded as the growth all but practically disappeared. She told me that she never had seen anyone with the kind of growth I had go into remission like that without serious long-standing chemotherapy. The way she surmised it, my body apparently took really well to the meds. Of course I knew exactly what was my source of healing was and I am ever so grateful to you for that Julie. – Bryan, Sales, Los Angeles, USA


After 30 minutes on the table Lilija said she felt very relaxed and had a pulsating feeling in her hands.  She opened and closed her hands and shouted, with a tear in her eye “My arthritis is gone, my hands are free.” She then asked a question “Will it be permanent?” and answered it herself,  “Yes it is permanent”. – Lilija Pukko, Registered Nurse, Sydney


I have not been able to run or walk long distances for close to a year.  After your healing session I was able to do a 10km walk with a third of it running, and feel I could do it all over again today!  I would never have been able to do that before. I didn’t even have any issues with my knee after completing the 10km. It was a real boost to me after so many setbacks throughout the year. So very, very happy! – Maria Flood, Sydney


I thought I would regroup with you how I’ve been feeling since the healing I had with you (at a retreat) in Jamaica. I have noticed that my appetite is smaller and that any sweet foods taste way too sweet now (this is good!) I have also noticed that my tendency for migraine has diminished a lot. In the past any migraine attack would last for 3 days and this would mean taking medication (tablet form) for 3 days to alleviate the nausea and the pain. Since Jamaica I have only needed to take one tablet for one day and at this time I have not taken anything for 2-3 weeks. (This is also good!) Overall I’m feeling good and have lots of energy for doing things. – Jan Kitto, New Zealand


Julie, I became crazy when I arrived home I want to go to sleep…..I started to vibrate ….all my body…and the right hand started to move…. I felt all the pain of the planet……. and after I felt all the peace and forgiveness in my soul, in my heart…… I do not know what this is  BUT I KNOW …MY LIFE CHANGE FOR EVER IN A VERY GOOD WAY. – Bianca, Doctor, Bucharest Romania


Melanie had anxiety, had just stopped taking anti depressant medication and wanted to give up smoking. Towards the end of the session she was crying. She said she had been presented with all the sad events in her life one by one and had very clearly processed them and was able to see how what had happened through her life caused her to be where she was now. She said she felt really good and had released all the hurt she had been holding on to for most of her life. – Melanie, Advertising, Sydney


Hi Julie, Some great news! The day following my last session with you, I was told about a product that cleared up someone elses psoriasis. Anyway, a month into taking the supplements, my psoriasis has improved by 80%. I fully expect to be free of it within 2 or 3 months. So…I got my healing after all….and not in the way I expected…as you always maintained!! So Julie….thank you! I would be delighted to endorse Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection wherever possible, and how it played the leading role in my healing. Have a great day! – Janet Mitchell, Food Stylist, Sydney

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