Healing Stories Around The Campfire

Healing stories from around the campfire

I have met with many Reconnective Healing Practitioners who have stories to tell, here are some that have been shared with me:



“I see healing happening around me as one of my friends from the Cech republic  who has Crone’s is improving, my brother in law has cancelled his knee Key Hole surgery after three sessions and Shearers who have been injured from sheep have been told to stand down for three weeks, have gone back to work next day.”

Thank you Eric and Julie, lots of love, Rita from Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand, Reconnective Healing Practitioner



Kirstie was a massage therapist who took the Reconnective Healing courses with Eric Pearl in Sydney May 2007 and then attended the refresher class with Julie. Kirstie already had some wonderful healing stories but said she now feels more confident with the work:

“More and more people are asking for just Reconnective Healing now instead of massage. I am seeing the power of it growing daily. Yesterday a lady came to see me with severe depression due to the sad loss of her young grandson in a tragic accident. She became more and more relaxed and at the end said she felt so much more calm and less devastated than she had for weeks. She opened up and poured her heart out. She told me that she felt tingly all over!

Another lady that comes for massage has been battling extremely debilitating chronic fatigue. She has been seeing top medical specialists in Sydney who told her that it is one of the worst cases they have ever seen and that she would probably be fighting it for a long time to come. After only a couple of Reconnective Healing sessions she appears to be totally cured! Yesterday she told me that she was going home to wash all the windows of the house and chop some wood. I have never seen anyone so happy!

Kirstie Sherratt, Massage Therapist and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Moree



“3 weeks ago my father in law awoke on a Sunday morning with a terrible headache which progressively got worse & so was taken to Hospital (by then in a coma). He had surgery  but remained in intensive care for 2 weeks with only fleeting glimpses that he would fully recover. Last Saturday night we went to visit him & there he was tied up because he was so confused & agitated.

Danny put his hand on his Dad’s shoulder & used his eyes to allow the healing for only about 10 minutes.

We left after that still feeling very sad & that we had lost the old him & that the next step would most likely be a nursing home.

Monday (2nd day after the healing) he just suddenly came to life & sat chatting to us all like he always did, in fact if we hadn’t been sitting in a hospital room & he didn’t have all those sutures on his head you would never of known that anything had happened to him. He’s being discharged home tomorrow!

I said to Danny as we left the Hospital last Monday ‘It was the healing you did, it bought him back to us!’ I felt such gratitude in my heart for that healing & I was so in awe of its power to transform in such a powerful way. It’s left us both with such inspiration & hope. I wanted to share this with you & please feel free to share this story.

Dianne and Danny, Reconnective Healing Practitioners, Australia



After a week at sea with friends, we had just finished offloading our gear and transporting it into the house when I heard a commotion outside. The 10-year-old son of my friend had managed to upset a European wasp’s nest, located near the stairs to the front gate and he had been stung, three times, around his right eye. The child was in great pain with tears falling from his eyes — the Euro wasp inflicts a particularly painful sting even though it’s not very big! Within seconds of seeing what had happened, I had told the boy’s mother that I could assist by using the healing modality which I had been talking about during the week, and she quickly asked that I begin.

I raised my hands to the boy’s face and starting working with Reconnective Healing frequencies, all the while keeping my eyes on his face. Within a minute, the child was calmer, and the tears had subsided.

I continued to work while his father, a Pediatrician, located a (healing) gel and applied it over the stings. Soon the boy had stopped crying, and said he felt better. I would have worked on him for about 5-6 minutes, all up. After about an hour, there were only tiny pink “pinprick” spots where the stings had been, and most notably, the pain had gone.

Victoria Hamilton Boz, Surry Hills, Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and Yacht Charter Broker



I did a distant healing on an 11 year old last week. She describes her deceased grandfathers and many of their animals that have passed on. She goes on to say that it felt like her body was being picked at and then suddenly whatever it was that caused her great fear, angst and unhappiness, disappeared. Her words … I feel lighter. She has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue and this was our first session.

Kami Rooks, Melbourne, Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner



A distant session was performed on a 77 year old. She was told it was stage 4 and due to her frailty, age and condition, it was not advisable to operate. A second opinion was sort, thus Dr wanted a biopsy. A scan was performed prior to the biopsy. The patient was told she could go home and her Dr would call to discuss. There was no trace. She has since had 2 check ups and is still clear.

Kami Rooks, Melbourne, Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner



A client lived with a very unhappy relationship for over twenty years causing her to suffer from depression low self esteem, attempting to take her life. Since having Reconnective Healing she has turned her life around. She left the marriage, regained her health, taking big strides in creating the life she’s always wanted. In her 50’s has decided to go back to uni and follow her passion and decided to come and live back in Australia.

Kami Rooks, Melbourne, Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner

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