The Difference Between Reconnective Healing and Reiki by a Practising Reiki Master Teacher

Cecilia Sams

A question I am most asked is “What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and Reiki or other energy healing?”

The answer is that it is entirely different, however, it seems to be a difficult concept to grasp, even for those who have many years experience in the healing arts, and often brings up many questions, which I love to discuss. On my recent travels to Indonesia, I met with Quigong Master Healers who were genuinely reaching to understand the differences; and yet the true understanding comes first in our feelings, often in an ‘ah ha’ moment of insight.

I often explain that Reconnective Healing works in the opposite way to healing as we have understood it until now. We are working with an entirely new genre of healing.

Lets ask a Master Healer

I worked alongside Cecilia in the office of The Reconnection in Los Angeles, as well as at many Reconnective Healing Seminars in countries around the world. She is often that amazing smiling voice at the end of the phone when you call into the office, and is always there to be of amazing service to you. Cecilia has many years experience in healing before Reconnective Healing and her story will inspire you, as well as giving her personal experience of the difference between Reconnective Healing and Reiki.

Cecilia Samms Journey Into Freedom

Freedom is a Joyous Expression of the Soul when limits seemingly disappear. I say seemingly, as these limits may have existed in some reality, yet they are truly an illusion we have allowed to have shape, form and substance.

Our choices in our journey give us permission to add character(s) to our lives. I share with you my personal experience in discovering an incredible freedom in my own life.

Understand, everyone has his/her own personal relationship to everything, so, as I said, this is mine.

2004, is when I first remember hearing about Reconnective Healing. I was at the time, a practicing Reiki Master Teacher, as well as having studied and practiced various other modalities of healing.

For me, Reiki was a beautiful way to interact with people, and myself, and recognize that I was able to make a difference for people in their lives in many ways: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In my practice I engaged in the following rituals, techniques, and practices:

– I cleansed the room before sessions in a variety of ways. (Sage, Candles, Incense, prayer, essential oils, intentions, crystals, etc.) Not always all of them, yet very often most of them.

– I scanned the energetic body of the client and their chakras to determine the areas of greater density and those spinning “off” from the others, so I would basically be diagnosing what areas needed specific work/symbols/time etc..

– I worked with various Reiki symbols and hand positions, physically touching the body and placing intentions throughout the session.

– I called in my guides to assist with every session.

– I received visions and information and often shared the interpretations I felt were appropriate for the person to understand.

– I would also assist people in interpreting their own visions and sensations.

Reiki to me felt very loving and compassionate. Yet, I felt the person was relying on me, on my presence, and my interpretations of the experience. People did not often seem to step into their own mastery. They often returned again and again. Perhaps for the good feelings they felt, or perhaps for the loving attention they received.

When I went into a Reiki session one day, I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. It was odd. Yet, I proceeded with the session. The next client came in and the knot in my stomach returned. This happened with three clients in a row. I finally asked (internally), “What is this about?”

I received an answer without words. It was a powerful feeling in my body. I felt, “It’s Bigger. It’s Easier. It’s More.”

What happened next?

I found myself in a bookstore soon afterwards and the book, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” was on the shelf, lit as if it had a spotlight. I touched the book. I instantly felt a surge of electricity spread through my body like Lightning! I was trembling and pulsating. I opened the book and read: “You don’t need the candles, You don’t need the Flowers, You don’t need…., Etc…”

I laughed out loud and felt “I know!”

Everything in my practice changed after I picked up the book. There were several months before I could attend the Reconnective Healing Training Program. Yet, I felt a surge in my body, and in my session room, before each my sessions began. My clients started to respond as Eric described in his clients experiences in the book.  I knew I was accessing something Bigger, Easier, MORE!

When I attended the RH training and engaged in the exercises to recognize RH more fully, I felt like I was a Hot Air Balloon Being Filled to Full Capacity! I knew I could not go back to drawing symbols, or cleansing the space, or interpreting for people what I felt they needed to know. I was able to let go of everything I had been “doing” previously and simply “BE” present with the RH frequencies.

I began allowing the Universe to be present and simply “know” all was being received as appropriate for all.

I experienced a Freedom I cannot express. It is bigger than there are words to explain.

Allowing the Universe to be present in the fullness of expression, without interfering or feeling I need to “Add” some techniques, interpretation, or symbols is beyond anything I have ever felt.

My RH clients (and myself) receive more than I have ever known when I was practicing Reiki or other modalities. Healings are much more instantaneous and are described in greater scope in all areas of their lives.

How was your Reiki Practice different?

In Reiki, I often wondered if I could have improved what I had offered in the session. I wondered if I could have done better, or what if I did “that” instead. I questioned myself after nearly every session. I believe I felt this way because, as a Reiki Practitioner, I was taught to make my own choices in the session based on the “diagnosis” of scanning for the imbalance, and to add my own interpretations of what was being received. While my clients and I often felt a sense of peace and joy from the sessions, there was always room for error.

I have never questioned my participation in Reconnective Healing. I have always known it is being received in perfection. The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe is always present. I feel the most tremendous Freedom in this Knowing.

I am always In Great Joy with Reconnective Healing.

Please take your own interpretation from this, as it is for your own understanding.

Much Love, Joy and Freedom to You!

Cecilia Samms
Associate Instructor
Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®


Has this helped?

I hope that Cecilias experience that brought her to Reconnective Healing gives you further insights into the work and why it has become so popular worldwide. Those who experience it usually move into a new level of being, of understanding, of feeling and of healing on levels beyond just physical healing.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions that you would like to ask either Cecilia or myself? We would be happy to share our experiences with you. Please write your questions here?

Thank you, Julie

3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Reconnective Healing and Reiki by a Practising Reiki Master Teacher

  1. I’ve been struggling with this. As I have a lot of energy healing training in my background. I do see the value of Reconnective Healing and that there is no reason to complicate it with explanation. There is a part of me that says don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


    1. Never throw out the baby, until you have come to a place where your feelings show you the way, keep on doing what you are doing. Many on our team of Mentors and Instructors were doing different types of healing before and found that Reconnective Healing took their work to a new level. My personal experience is that RH will simply take you to a new level of vibration where everything that is not in alignment will just not be there any more, it simply moves me to a new level. I remember this every time I do a healing with someone.


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