Healing Demonstrations in Bali

Healing talk in Bali 2018

My trip to Bali in July 2018 was, as usual, quite an adventure although with the Lombok earthquakes taking most of my attention through August I had nearly forgotten the reason for my visit.

I set up a presentation on Reconnective Healing at a Yoga Studio, I loved the building so much that I wanted to work in there and so we had our talk and demonstration of healing on the floor, yoga style.

Ika Sulistiyowati is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner based in Surabuya, Java who came to help and brought some of her clients from Bali along. Zac also came along and he sent me a message a couple of days ago with a healing he had on the evening.

In the presentations we do demonstrations of healing where a few volunteers from the Audience lay on the massage table for a couple of minutes so I can demonstrate the ‘registers’ that we find usually happen when working with the frequencies: the eyes go into a REM type movement, there is a different breathing pattern, often with swallowing or movement in the throat, there is a different movement in the stomach area and sometimes large or small body movements in the fingers, toes and other areas. I also demonstrate how these registers usually get stronger with distance, that is quite amazing to see, all with volunteers who usually don’t know much about this work.

After the demonstrations quite a few of the audience were scratching their heads, still trying to work out what this was and what was really going on. Its difficult to explain, and even more difficult to get what this is, especially if you have been trained in energy healing, which we have so many different types of and has become sort of ‘comfortable’ for some of us. Reconnective Healing definitely takes you to a different place, where we need to realize that we are working with multiple dimensions, everything we have thought to be true has to be questioned and we need to let go of our rituals and techniques, as well as the need for us as a healer to feel that we are the one doing this work: it truly is the work of spirit.

Its now six weeks since that evening, and this message I received from Zac has reminded me of just how important this work is. Even in a 1-2 minute session, healing happens:

Healing demonstration in Bali 2018

Hi Julie, I would like to say a big thank you for the night that I attended on your “free info night “. On the way that night whilst riding my bike I asked god to help me with a pressure I had had in my head for many years. When I laid there and you did your Reconnection Healing, I felt a very strong crackling inside my head. Since that night I no longer experience this. I feel so free. Thank you for your good work. I’m 90% through the book and learning a lot.

Zakdon Shadbolt
Bali, Indonesia

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