Healing Story: From trouble walking to 10,000 steps in a day

10,000 stepsNarelle brought a family member to me for Reconnective Healing.

She told me he had been very unwell for the past year and had been in hospital overnight for tests. When they arrived I could see he had trouble moving, he was a little slow, taking his shoes off for the session was an effort.

We completed the session and he said it was peaceful and he felt a positive healing influence but not much more.

At 8.30am the next day Narelle sent me a text message with the following:

  • He has 100x more energy and agility
  • Appetite much more healthy, almost ravenous
  • Has been having disturbed sleep and wake patterns and was able to sleep last night
  • From fairly switched off and dead pan now has an attitude of optimism, hope and goals
  • He is so much more positive and ‘awake’ in his thinking
  • Confusion and anxiety have gone
  • They spent around 3 hours traveling from home to my clinic on public transport and after they left my clinic he wanted dinner. When they arrived back home he then announced he wanted to go shopping to the supermarket. Narelle said he moved around the aisles with ease.

“He normally is lucky to be able to walk around the block to get some exercise but I reckon we did 10,000 steps that day! He doesn’t realize just how different he is! “

All this was reported only 12 hours after the healing session.

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