Responses from Participants at the Reconnective Healing Seminar

I have been adding in some wonderful healing stories from the past. These are some responses from participants at the Reconnective Healing Seminar in Melbourne, Australia – August 2012.

I am really glad I went. I had previously done another healing course and Reconnective Healing is so much easier, no positions to remember or the amount of times to do one move, to worry about. I started doing the healing the next day and the good thing for me was actually seeing the registers happen on connection and being aware that that was what they were. Also when doing distance healing, that the person at the other end can actually feel things happen during the time and afterwards. I am really happy to have “found” this healing. Heather Haimes, Gold Coast QLD

I really feel so different, the seminar was amazing. I have been told I look different, sound different. People even asked if I was pregnant cause they think I am glowing??? Two girls at bootcamp say I am running so much faster and they cant keep up, and they want what I have??? Diana Miranda, Tatura VIC

Thanks for an amazing four days in Melbourne, definitely a life changer. The more I do the work the stronger the frequencies feel. My family of ducks are also responding they have been extremely well behaved and happy. I feel more relaxed and work stress does not seem to bother me anymore. I had a shock when my Dad went to the hospital with chest pains so I did distant healing. When I spoke to him he said he fell asleep at the time I did the second healing, when he awoke he was expecting pain but there was none. He was able to go home. Now the whole family is lining up……… Paul Jordan, Murwillumbah NSW
I did a 10 minute healing on a friend who is a keen golfer, however he had to rest from golf because of a painful rib injury. The next day after the Reconnective Healing he felt so good that he went to the golf driving range and hit of 70 golf balls. Ian Eames, Wodonga VIC
Lots of ‘coincidences’ which of course aren’t at all, people I sat next to, being at the right place at the right time. I could feel the energy even as I waited in the foyer for the bus to take me to the airport. I finished off my weekend with Cathie’s lovely Reconnective Yoga, look forward to more of that too! Elene Diamond, Sydney NSW
While I was at the seminar I visualized my mother being there with us, emerged in the heart of all the healing. This morning I received a call from the doctor at the hospital stating they found no trace of the cancer and she can come home today! This confirms how powerful this is. I wanted to share this wonderful news xx Mary Katis, Newtown NSW
“Since the seminar I am motivated, clear and focused in my purpose to facilitate this frequency and to provide, what I feel to be, the highest service to others. I seem to be connecting with everyone I interact with on a much deeper level and am feeling excited about the joyful adventure I am on. Something new and wonderful unfolds every day – Many Blessings indeed!” Nina Ahlgren, Gold Coast QLD
I now understand the ‘simplicity’ of the frequency… one just learns to be, listen, observe and feel. Suzanne Subha Chew, Singapore

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