A new healers experience: TRUST

The Reconnection Team Melbourne 20196 February 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed Level II: The Catalyst weekend in Melbourne with you and appreciated your clear and concise communication. You have such an easy manner and a lovely open, sincere personality. Your voice carries well and I really enjoyed your presentation.

After the weekend I felt more confident in communicating with others and being able to get in the zone where I was no longer conscious of my surroundings, only the client in front of me and the frequencies. I was absolutely bowled over by the genuine, loving people I met over the three days.

Thank you so much. Warmly Tina

18 February 2019

Hi Julie, I thought I would send you an email on the events that followed the inspiring weekend I had with you and the Reconnective Healing team recently.

Immediately after the event I felt so much more confident and ready to move into being a practitioner, however I still had a few doubts about the building of my business and charging a fee a for my service. The one person I was most uncomfortable about sharing RH with was my boss. On the following Sunday a co-worker was telling me how he was consoling her the day before. Within minutes of the conversation I received a txt from her saying she was really low and could I do a RH session for her!

We organised a time but now I was worried about how she would feel about the fee but I took a deep breath and just put it out there. She said “No problem”.

I conducted what I thought was a professional session as the words and genuine love just came out, I felt so privileged to be there. She had a very peaceful experience and found clarity around her staff roles and that some health issues were now in the past. Deep calmness, real peace and serenity came to her. She paid, I packed up my table and left.

I stopped at a park, took a deep breath, amazed at how smoothly it had all flowed and looking down I saw a magpie feather on the ground. I had the feeling that this was a stern message to trust the divine plan and one I would only be given once. To continue to move forward I must always stay in trust and gratitude.

I have bought myself a new wardrobe of RH clothes to continue the positive movement of energy in this direction and can’t thank you enough for the beautiful strong and confident energy that flows from you when you talk on the stage. I realise this might sound gushy but you truly are an inspiration for us newbies.

Warmly Tina Thomas,

Loose Leaf Tea Sales and Warehouse Leader, Birchs Bay Tasmania

The photo is of our Teaching Team in Melbourne, February 2019: Jillian (USA), Noel (UK), Yoshiko (Japan), Eric (USA), Julie (Australia), John (Canada), Guglielmo (Italy)

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