He went back to the doctors and the cancer is not there anymore

Healing Story GreekAdam discovered Reconnective Healing at least a year ago and told me he has been practicing feeling the frequencies while waiting to take the training. He took the Live Immersion in Melbourne a month ago and has sent me these great stories of what’s been happening since. I know you will be inspired when you read what he said, especially the outcome of his second story:

I’m so exited to tell you that I had my first proper client. It was a distance healing.
I went to a corporate gig that my father was deejaying at for a professional sports members party. The MC there was a well known television personality. Anyway he was in a sling as he had fallen off his motorcycle he broke his arm and cracked some ribs. I told him what I do and he was open to it, said he had done Reiki before so he was definitely up for a healing.

There were about 300 people there so I got his phone number and we arranged the session. I called him and told him to lay down somewhere comfortable close eyes and observe, notice and experience and that I would call him back after the session.

When I called back he told me that when he observed that he could hear these high-pitched noises. Then I asked what else did you notice and he said he felt like he was looking back on himself. And then I asked did you experience anything else and he said that he did notice a tingling in his arm where the injury is. Then we thanked each other for the experience and I said so just observe what happens over the next few days and give me a call or I will give you a call just to check in and see how you are going. And if you know anyone that wants Reconnective Healing feel free to let them know.

One thing I noticed with me while I was doing it other than the usual tingling and magnetic heat was that I could see out of the corner of my eyes that my hands had a trail comming off them that was clear as day. Like a kind of aura that followed them as I moved. And a purpley blue sparkles in front of my eyes at times. This is what I observed.

A couple of days later Adam sent me this story about his Grandfather:

Hi Julie, Well amazing stuff has been happening. About a year ago my grandfather was diagnosed with testicular cancer he then had chemotherapy which did clear the cancer from his testicle but it had spread to his lungs and he was in so much pain from the first chemo that he didn’t want to go through it again. So he accepted that he was going to die and has been bed ridden since.

Then I went to Melbourne for the one experience last month. When I got home Mum asked me to go around with her and do a healing. I said ok, but I cant promise that he will get the healing we want but he will get the one he needs.

When I was there mum translated what I wanted to do and he started laughing and said “you are going to do magic on me?” in his Greek accent, and I said “yes”. So he closed his eyes then about 30 seconds later opened his eyes and said “are you done yet” and started laughing again.

I said “ok your not into it, but don’t worry I’ll go home and heal you from there”. Then we talked about when he used to take me fishing as a kid and I will always cherish those moments and told him I loved him and we cried and hugged.

I go home and over the next three nights I did distance healings on him about half an hour each.

So anyway mum came over last night after going to my grandfathers and goes “guess what?” I said “what?” and she goes “he went back to the doctors and the cancer is not there anymore”. She goes “yep, he’s up and walking around and happy.” And she told him I healed him. Now all my aunties and uncles are calling me the undercover hippy hahaha love it.

Today I have this real sense of knowing who I am and why I came here.

As Led Zepplin said “the mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake as the children of the sun began to wake”.

Adam Kotevski – Sydney, Australia


Julie Jara and anyone associated with, inclusive of, but not limited to, Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health or life challenges.

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