Are you following your true path and living your life with passion?


One of the ways to have a long and happy life is to be following your Ikigai, your true path. This is when you are doing what you love, when you are doing what you are good at, when you are offering a service that the world needs and when this is something that people are willing to pay for. If you have all of these four things together, you are very lucky, you are living your true purpose and will feel happy.

What you love – your passion

Recently I had a phone call where I was invited to an event, something that would have been very good for my business if I attended. The feeling in my heart and signals in my body as I was listening to the invitation was not one of joy and excitement, it was a very clear message to myself that this was not for me, it felt more like a chore that I ‘must’ do, rather than something I could find excitement in. How could it work out if I was not going to be doing it with passion?

What you are good at – your true profession

Everyone has something that they are good at, often many things, and often it is not what we see in ourself. Others can very often see your skills and talents but we think that what we have is just ‘ordinary’ and dont give credit to our natural talents. If we can find what we are really good at, and follow this path, things will be so much easier. Your daily work will be a joy when you are flowing with who you really are.

What you can be paid for – what is your service?

A very good question to ask is “How can I be of service?”. When we are serving others and helping them to meet their needs they are willing to pay you and there is an equal exchange of energy. If you are good at doing something and you love doing it there are always ways to create an opportunity for yourself, sometimes you need to be a little creative about it though.

What the world needs

Our outer world is changing, we are moving forward into new ways of living, new ways of thinking and this brings new challenges every day. No matter how far we progress in our modern world people will always need other people. Healers are needed. Health providers who offer a balanced service are needed. People who can inspire others are needed. Artists are needed to help people love into passion and love. They say we are fast moving towards singularity, where artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. Have you ever received love from a machine? People will always be needed, and if you are reading this, you are one of those people. The world needs you.

COURSE OFFER: Marketing Keys for a Successful Long Term Business

I am offering a 3 hour workshop to help people offer their service to others. I have been collecting ideas on how to market yourself for many years, and through my own successful personal development business, and have pulled it all together to help you. Before you jump off and start promoting your service, you need to be very clear about what you are offering, if it is your true passion, if the world needs it and if people will pay you for it. This is included in the course to help you on the path.

Melbourne 22 April – Gold Coast 19 May – Sydney 11 August



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