Are you familiar with Reconnective Healing?

Are you familiar with Reconnective Healing?

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years and many cultures use a traditional form of healing using energy. Usually performed by gifted, chosen or appointed members of the society and often revered with mystique and awe.

We ARE energy, we come from energy and we will return to energy. Energy always has been and it always will be. As energy beings, forms of energy healing have helped us in countless ways. You might also say that a Mothers love for her child is also a form of healing, the care and concern for a family member, the love formed when we have pets along side us.

At this time on our planet we are going through a great transformation, a shift, it is a time of great expansion, of evolution and change. The news coming through our social media and sometimes mainstream media 🙂 is showing us that people are standing up and demanding change, as the world around us changes. Many say that it is a jump to a new evolution, to a new human evolution.

We believe that the form of healing known as Reconnective Healing is a product of this shift, and allows access to healing through the field in its entirety. We can now access more than we have been able to access before.

How is this different to what we have had before?

Reconnective Healing presents itself with many differences to energy healing.

The first thing is that we do not diagnose, we do not ask what is ‘wrong’ and we don’t need to know. It is actually easier if the Practitioner does not know as the focus is not on the problem that is manifesting, rather our focus is on connecting to the source of healing and in seeing the client with 100% of their true potential and health.

There is no technique, there is no procedure to follow, there are no steps. Once you have immersed in the frequencies to the appropriate level we find a person is able to help others with healing by simply being. Its not complicated, although the simplicity is often complicated to grasp. You are holding these frequencies, and those around you start to vibrate at a higher level. Your daily life changes!

What is the difference between being a conduit or a catalyst?

The energy healing practitioner acts as a CONDUIT and sends energy to the client. They may send energy to a particular area that they either are aware needs healing, or they have sensed, and a physical healing unfolds, or a spiritual healing may unfold. As the practitioner, this can take considerable time to learn, to attain a level of mastery. It can also take a toll on the healer, as they use their body as a conduit, they may take on some of the energy of the person and walk out needing to refresh their own energy.

With Reconnective Healing we access the frequencies and become the CATALYST in the healing, instead of the conduit. The frequencies or energy does not go through the practitioner, it is not directed to our client. We allow our client to make direct connection with God/Love/Universe/Source/Field. The amazing thing is that the HEALER also receives a healing. The healer walks out feeling more energized than when they started!

There is no diagnosis

We don’t have to figure out whets happening, we allow the intelligence/God/love (again pick the word you feel most comfortable with) to bring the healing most appropriate. This may happen in an instant, unfold over a day or two, or may even take you on a journey of healing if that is what is needed.

What happens to the Practitioner?

Once you are holding these frequencies, you then continue to live in the frequencies on a daily basis. You have changed, shifted, moved to another level. There is a heightened awareness, a compassion, a love of both self and of others and very often a desire to help others. You might now say you are living a connected life.

What has your experience with healing been?

If it has not been a positive uplifting experience, and you know you have been to a healer working in integrity with this philosophy, sometimes we need to change the way we are thinking about it. If we have been trained or ever heard the concept that you need to have pain or suffer to be healed, it could be that your way of thinking needs to change. It could be that we need to change our focus from the pain and suffering, to a higher level of receiving energy, light and information.

I am happy to talk to you about this if you have an questions or want it clarified further.

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