Healing for a pet/wild Rainbow Lorikeet

4 November 2019

It seems I now have a pet wild Rainbow Lorikeet living in the bamboo garden in my Reconnective Healing clinic. He was brought to me by its parents. It doesn’t get any weirder than that!

He fell out of its nest in a huge palm tree out on the street out front and was on the ground, I saved him from the cat, dog, neighbors dog several times, while the parents were watching, squawking loudly. I offered him some Reconnective Healing.

Here is a video of when I first found him on the ground and offered healing.

A few days later I arrive home to find the little one and both its parents at my door around the back, flapping about in the bamboo. I have no idea how he got there, we have 6 foot fencing that I call the rabbit proof fence and it’s a long way from the tree out front. The parents fly off and he seems quite happy in his new home.

It’s been fascinating to watch the parent birds come and feed him, while he calls to them in its little screechy baby call. One parent keeps watch from another tree while the other parent fly’s over with food, but on a branch high up and makes him climb up to it, flapping its wings, it looks like they are training him to fly.

Today both parents were in the tree nearby kissing and preening one another and they allowed me to get within about a foot to offer some fruit to them. Amazing these wild birds are allowing me to be so close. Oh, I have called him/her ‘Birdie Num Num’.

7 November

I have been watching the parent birds come to feed little birdie quite often, one watches while one feeds (I don’t know which is the mother and which the father, apparently they share the caring duties) and she/he makes so much noise, he is certainly getting louder!

Birdie Num Num and Cleopatra8 November

Who ever thought my life would come to this? Birdie Num Num’s sibling, who I have called Cleopatra, has joined him, living in the Bamboo Forrest with him. She has tail feathers but cannot fly either. Just call me the bird lady.



9 November

Well that didn’t last long. When the two birds met they preened each other, snuggled in and went to sleep. But there was a strong wind that night and in the morning Cleopatra was gone. I looked and looked but she was nowhere to be found.

21 November

Birdie is discovering another world, a grevillea tree he can reach from my roof and he is now feeding on the juicy nectar of the flowers.

2 December

I have been watching the parent birds come to feed Num Num 4-5 times each day, they are now happy to land on his cage which is only a few feet from my door. The back of the cage is open so he can come and go as he wants, but does spend a lot of time in it or on top of it during the day. At night he climbs up higher in the bamboo to sleep.

I have been supplementing his diet with fruit and Lorikeet food. He goes wild over grapes and has become so tame he will feed from my hand. He comes running when he sees me, but I know its just for the food, he is still a wild bird.

After feeding he has flying lessons, flapping his wings madly, but he still has no tail feathers so cannot fly. His parents encourage him to try, but each time he just flops onto the ground. Amazingly, he gets up each time, shakes it off and climbs back up the bamboo…


3 December

Num Num has gone. Last night we watched him sort of fly/glide quite a distance from the bamboo to the very top of a native tree in the backyard where he spent the night, out of his home for the first time. In the morning he was gone.

4 December

Num Num was spotted with his parents at the top of a gum tree next door, about 200 metres up. I heard his familiar feeding noise and got out the binoculars to see him. I always knew he would either flop onto the ground one too many times and not make it, or learn to fly and be wild and free. It’s lonely without his chirps, but he is free.


3 thoughts on “Healing for a pet/wild Rainbow Lorikeet

  1. Thank you Dorothy, it was really interesting to get to know a family of birds, but especially seeing how the parents cared for their young. I have not seen Num Num again, the parents came around a few days later and were making lots of noise around the cage, I wondered if they were looking for him, if he has gone missing from them too, or if he is OK and they were just visiting.


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