My Own Healing Experience of the Busy Mind

Dr Eric and Jillian Webinar on Reconnective HealingAt the beginning of this current world situation a friend who is a Healer in the UK asked if I would like some healing myself and we scheduled three sessions. It was kind of a relief each time that all I had to do was relax and allow, although the sessions were not like that at all!

Each time my mind kicked in and thoughts started rolling around, I had ideas, realizations, made plans, remade plans, saw situations from the past, people came into my view and on it went. When we debriefed at the end of each session there were other things that I noticed, but the busy mind was the most obvious. After the third session I realized that this is what many of my clients have experienced when they say they had ‘oh, the usual stuff going on in my head, it would not stop’.

I have always said that it is not possible to still your mind with intention, so just allow it to be there. Now with my own experience I realize it is not normal thoughts at all, it is way beyond that, it is healing happening!

Earlier today Dr Eric and Jillian held a webinar on zoom where we were led through a Reconnective Healing Meditation. I turned off my camera so I could relax and tuned in. Again my mind went wild with thoughts and ideas and came to some very deep conclusions about what had been going on recently. Phew, it was huge. We ended and Eric asked everyone to come back, so I turned on my camera while they were talking, attempting to work out what I had just been through. They asked if anyone wanted to talk and of course as I was sitting there with no words to explain my experience they called on me!

Trying to think of what to say, out come something like: The last month I have experienced ups and downs, feeling so relaxed; taking time to catch up on paperwork, cleaning my house, tackling the bamboo overtaking my garden and as we are still able to get out here in Australia, going to the beach every day…. and also watching tooooooo many videos uncovering what is happening behind the scenes of this situation, which brings emotions that feel not so good. With that tears started to well and I realized I was still in the healing, I was still working through it.

I realized that what I was seeing is nothing new, it was always there, it is simply the light shining on this darkness and exposing it to the world.

I have had clients after healing sessions sometimes (not very often, but several times) say that it seemed to bring up not so good feelings, and I realize that now and then, the light does uncover some not great stuff. It is however there to be dealt with and to be healed, let go, changed, shifted, whatever is right and needed.

It is huge for me today to see how all that is being exposed is a really good thing, that now it is not just a few who have awakened, it is many, and there are many more to come. Our eyes are being opened.


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