Mikes “Sprained” Wrist

Mike is an older gentleman I have known for quite a few years and when he walked into my clinic with his ‘sprained wrist’. I knew right away it was probably broken. His left arm was swollen at least double the size of the other, and it was purple!

He said just over a week ago he tripped, and he thought his wrist was sprained, it was painfully sore and annoying because he could not do up his buttons.

I told Mike that we could do Reconnective Healing, but as a duty of care I need to tell him that I feel he really needs to go to a Doctor and have it looked at. That’s when he told me he doesn’t go to Doctors, but he does know of one he could go and see. And even though I have known Mike for some years, he has not had a session of healing with me, because he didn’t have anything ‘wrong’ until now.

12 August 2020: During the healing session the fingers on the left were moving all about, when I looked the fingers on the right were moving also, not quite as much. At the end of the session when Mike sat up, we both looked at his arm – it was no longer purple but a healthy pink colour. He exclaimed and moved it about saying it was no longer hurting.

I said that’s great Mike, but I still strongly suggest you still visit the Doctor and have it checked out tomorrow. (I wish I had taken a photo of it before the session, you would see why I knew it was broken!)









13 August: Mike sent me an email:

Hello again Julie,

Am so surprised at the difference in the hand it’s not painful now, the palm colour is very close to that of the right. At least it was skivvy weather – no buttons. Went to the Burgh for lunch and previously had to have a have a bag for take–aways and hold the bag in the elbow but automatically held it in the hand! And it’s nice to be able to use both hands on the keyboard again – typing with one finger was difficult. And last night while combing the hair saw that one’s expression had improved. Thank you, thank you.

A grateful Mike.

17 August: Another email:

Hello Julie,

Yes, the hand is still pain free, starting to do a few left hand things although it’s very weak and can only do so much. Have an appointment with Dr on Wednesday so I’ll let you know what transpires. Yes, was surprised and gratified at my first experience of RH.

Thank you, Mike.

20 August: Email:

Hello Julie,

Darn! It appears that the radius was broken. Saw Dr last night and he faxed the emergency dept at Sutherland Hospital and told me to go straight down. A nurse put plaster and all that shows are the thumb and fingers. She was amazed, her eyes widened “you’ve never had a blood test?“ She took blood and I didn’t even feel it. It seems that the broken bone has been healing and they are going to leave it where it is. The plaster usually stays on for 6 weeks but two have passed and it may come off sooner – the sooner the better. They wouldn’t let me come home ‘even if you live around the corner‘, so they put me in a ‘short-stay‘ bed.

Thank you, Mike.

15 September: Email:

Hello Julie,

The cast was taken off on Monday. Have a list of physiotherapy things to do at home. Grateful that the severe pain in the hand and fingers went – thank you.

Kind thoughts, Mike.

Tuesday 22 September:

Mike came for another Reconnective Healing session.

23 September: Email:

Hello Julie,

Spent Monday afternoon filling the trailer with things from the house, and only those which could be managed by the right hand. That involved a lot of walking to the trailer which had to stay outside. Anyway, by the time it was finished, I was pooped. On Tuesday walking from the station to Delfinos I huffed and puffed my way there. After the healing I later realised that the walk to the station was easy and even that night there was much energy – so that was also obviously a result of RH.

Thank you again, Mike.













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