“Miracle Healer or Hoax?” Dr Eric Pearl Demonstrates Reconnective Healing on the Dr Oz Show

In 2013 Eric Pearl was interviewed by Dr Oz with remarkable insights into Reconnective Healing and where it fits into the medical model of health and healing.

Here are four links to the interview and some further information and demonstrations from Eric which are all really worth putting what you are doing aside and focusing on for a few minutes each.

The last one is especially interesting where he is showing Dr Oz how to activate his hands and work with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Dr Oz said he had worked with energy healing with some of his patients in hospitals and was very interested to see and experience what this was.

Dr. Eric Pearl: Miracle Healer or Hoax? Pt 1

Dr. Eric Pearl: Miracle Healer or Hoax, Pt 2

Dr. Eric Pearl Shares Some Tips about Reconnective Healing

The Secrets of Reconnective Healing Dr Eric Pearl demonstrates two energy exercises

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