Healing Stories


Alexia had one distance healing with me, this is what she reported a few months afterwards:

I think it helped to speed up the healing of the facial palsy I had suddenly. I was told it could take from 3 – 6 weeks to start to improve. I’d had it a week before the healing session and within a week it was back to normal. I didn’t expect it to make a difference.

But I would say the thing I have noticed the most since the healing is how I feel. It’s hard to explain but I feel a sense of calmness and acceptance that wasn’t there before. When dealing with things at work, home or in general, just much more of an inner calm.

I have been at a bit of a crossroads and was stuck but now excited to see what happens and looking forward to the future.

Many thanks,

Alexia Kitching Cairns, Qld, Australia 26 January 2020

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