How fast does it take to manifest what you want?

ManifestingI had the most wonderful day of healing. My first client was a flat-faced cat; the cutest 8 year old in pure black with long hair and his little tongue out (a bit like this one in the picture). He had an accident 10 days ago and has a paralyzed leg, which the vet has said will need to be amputated if it does not heal soon.

I worked with the cat while he relaxed next to me for 20 minutes, even sitting up at one time to show me his leg. The owner said she was amazed that he stayed next to me for so long. He then got up and crawled under the chair, indicating he had enough and the session was over.

Next, a healing for his owner and as she lay on the massage table the cat was peering out at me from under the chair, all I could see was two bright twinkly eyes. When he closed them it looked like he had disappeared.

I was thinking how I love working with animals, it makes me feel all gooey inside and they just accept the feeling of the frequencies with silent knowing.

As I started packing up the massage table I was thinking how I would like to expand my animal healing practice when a little white dog ran up and started looking through the clinic door. Wondering what he was doing there I walked into the main office to find that someone had arrived for a session but the practitioner was not there. We talked a little about Reconnective Healing and he decided to come in and have a session with me, and in trotted the little white dog with him, obviously his best friend and companion.

So here I am working with a client lying on the table, plus the little white dog lying there with him, thinking, well that took about two minutes to manifest.

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