Physical Healing: 5 Steps from Health to Disease and WHY I don’t need to diagnose to facilitate your healing


One of the most asked questions is why I don’t need to know what’s “wrong”, or what your symptoms are. I think its explained well in the philosophy of Ayurveda – one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

One important thing: we can’t separate physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – they all go together.

Here is a pathway of 5 steps as explained by Ayurveda that may help understand this better:

1 Accumulation:

Out of balance, not in flow.

Caused by stress, relationship-family-work problems, financial worries, lifestyle, not enough sleep, not eating well, environmental stress, not happy or fulfilled with life OR experiencing a spiritual awakening where you don’t know where you fit any longer.

  • Information is not being processed
  • Food is not being digested

2 Aggravation:

Physical symptoms show up.

Indigestion, mucus, heat, asthma, can’t sleep

Self-medicate: If I take this, it might fix it. (I suggest you get professional advice rather than self-medicate).

3 Spreading:

Not feeling good.

Aching, foggy, heavy, depression or anxiety

Too tired to do anything – all of your energy is being used by the body to detoxify.

4 Localization:


The body is intelligent, can’t get rid of the toxins so it decides to help you by storing them. Stores in a weak area: previous trauma, genetic predisposition, repressed emotions e.g. in psychosomatics each thought process corresponds to an area of the body.

NO DIAGNOSIS but might do therapy or treatment, pain or anti-inflammatory meds.

Pain is gone YAY but not healed.

You have to keep doing the therapy or taking the meds to feel better.

5 Disease:

Western medicine comes in and finally you know what it called. Its moved in, you own it.

It’s my tumour, my arthritis, my heart disease, my addiction etc

Maybe there is a drug or treatment that helps relieve symptoms or maybe even cure it.

But what was the cause? #1 Out of balance

As an Energy Healthcare Practitioner my role is to help you attune to a higher level of energy, light and information to get back into balance. #1

Energy Healing: I am vibrating at this higher level – you are vibrating at a different level when you are out of balance. You move towards this higher level and the cells in your body remember what it is to be in health.

You can shift in an instant. YES its weird, but I have been doing this for over 15 years and see healing happen all the time.

Very often my clients have immediate results, within the 1, 2 or 3 sessions we recommend, and the healing is most often permanent.

I hope this explains why I don’t diagnose, or need to diagnose. Lets leave that to Western Medicine.

If you want to be free, attuning to the new frequencies of healing can shift you to a higher level.

If you want more information about Ayurveda go to

If you want to know more I suggest you watch the 10 minute video HERE that has a bit more details than this transcript.

Thank you for listening.

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