Type 1 Diabetic and Autoimmune Illnesses

Natalie’s Mother phoned extremely distressed that her daughter had been found unconscious in the morning and was rushed to hospital emergency with her Blood Sugar Level at 80. Her BSL has never been that extreme before, even though she has been hospitalised on many occasions in the past.

Natalie is Type One Diabetic and has a history of several autoimmune illnesses after having been given the wrong vaccination at 3 months old. She had recently developed PTSD as well from her fear of hospitals and ambulances.

Adding to the stress of the situation, with the COVID-19 lockdown in Brisbane, Natalie was not allowed visitors, so family could not be with her. Furthermore, the hospital she was usually admitted to, who had all her past records, was full, so she was taken to a different hospital, who had no prior history of her conditions.

I arranged to do a distance Reconnective Healing session at 6pm that evening. I felt a very strong presence of spirit around me while I was in the session. I had an impression that there was a lot of support for Natalie, that she was very special, even though I only knew that she was in her 30’s and had several health challenges for all of her life. I received ‘chills’ or ‘goose bumps’ while I was working with her.

I let her mother know when I had completed the session and she informed me that Natalie had been taken into the intensive care unit and the doctor had rung saying she required emergency surgery as there was no blood supply to her bowel, they feared she had a blood clot that needed to be removed.

I later received this message:

“Healing and prayers are working – her dad called me at 1am and said they have already performed the operation late that night, which was around 3-4 hours after the Reconnective Healing and she had come through and there was no blood clot. They found however, she had Pancreatitis, and they may have to put her on temporary dialysis as they were concerned about her kidneys. They are slowly bringing her Blood Sugar levels down as they cannot drop them too suddenly so I will discover more this morning after the doctor has done his rounds. Thank you for the healing Julie much appreciated.

The lockdown here should end tonight, if so we will go to Brisbane to see her. I’m waiting till 10 am when the doctor has done her rounds to find out more xx


The follow up with her Endocrinologist was that she did not require dialysis, and that all her vitals were working, and they did not find a blood clot that they were expecting to find. In the past, with her long medical history, her recovery from anaesthetic was always difficult, however this time she recovered easily from the anaesthetic and was fine.

Her Mother told me she knew it was the energy, the Reconnective Healing and the prayer that she had engaged of all her friends globally, to do for her daughter.

Her ICU doctor was amazed at how she bounced back so quickly from the state she was in when originally admitted – the doctor was initially concerned that she wouldn’t make it and had avoided talking with her earlier, which she found unnerving not knowing what was going on.

Brisbane, Australia
January 2021
Details provided and used with permission.


Hi Julie, New message I just posted on FB:

“For all my friends who prayed for my daughter during her recent serious health condition and hospitalisation – and Julie Jara for the distant Reconnective Healing.

I want to thank you all once again and show you that Natalie is taking it slow but is back doing what she loves at her “Grounding Academy” where she does Jiu Jitsu and Yoga with her sister Claudia who took this photo of Her (photo above).

Life is precious ❤️ Thank you and bless you all 🙏🏻

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