Animal Mentor Healing® Video

My dog Hollywood had sore eyes, not sure what was wrong but she could not open them properly. I thought I would do a session of Reconnective Healing and film it so you could see what happens when we work with our animal friends. The second photo was taken about four hours later – happy healed dog. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO WATCH THE HEALING.

One thought on “Animal Mentor Healing® Video

  1. Fabulous Julie. So good to hear amd happy for Hollywood’s healing.
    As so many people you are in contact with know Teddy who came me with to many seminars as animal kingdom representative for animal program. I am sharing his healing story.
    You may recall I messengered you Teddy was in a downward spiral as if a couple weeks ago. Ended up basically starved from not eating after 8 days he started eating meal of choice, Saturdsy night. He did get diarrhea 3 times but didnt throw up which was big change. Finally frequency healing showed amazing results. Saturday night,
    yesterday and today eating, salmon. Didnt lose weight somehow. Waiting to to see where this goes from here. His issue has been depression from such a drastic life change of not being out with people in service for their wellbeing.

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