Self-Healing Experience

I’m Julie Jara from New Frequency Healing and I have been involved with healing for people and animals for 18 years.

There is a lot going on right now. There is always a lot going on, but now we have more confusion than ever. What are you tuning into? It’s coming from outside.

How do you tune into your inner truth?

We are a biological creation, this is our vehicle so we can experience planet earth.

We are also spirit. The real you is your spirit and you are eternal. As spirit nobody can take anything from you, including your freedom. We need to remember that.

What can you do?

Watch this video for a Self-Healing Experience Increase your light, energy and vibration, you’re your aura stronger, be more in tune with nature and with your spirit.



If you like this, please join me for a FREE 30 minute LIVE Self-Healing Experience. DETAILS HERE:

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