Self-Healing Experience and Meditation

Where is the focus of your energy? If you are focusing on the negative, you will lower your state of consciousness. You won’t feel so good! You will start to attract other not-so good feelings, and people to you.

If you increase your frequency you vibrate at a higher level. You will feel good, your light will shine. You will influence others in a good way and help them to feel good also.

Self-Healing Experience is to focus on connecting to the New Frequencies, helping you to vibrate at a higher level, helping you to shine your light.

This is a 20 minute experience, I suggest you find a place to relax where you will not be disturbed for this time. The first part is with eyes open to notice, feel, sense the New Frequencies of Healing. We then close eyes to allow deeper healing of self. By healing yourself you can then help others.


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