Tune into a higher level vibration for self-healing

Start – Feel the frequencies and healing for others
7.30 – Healing on the four levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
14.30 – Tune into a higher level

You don’t need to be sick to heal!

In this self-healing experience you will deepen your connection to the New Frequencies of Healing and learn more about offering distance healing to others. In energy healing we are sending energy, but here we talk about receiving energy. Instead of drained, you feel refreshed and healed yourself after you offer healing to others!

We then go into the areas of personal, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for yourself.

Then take a journey to your own personal ‘sea of tranquility’ to expand your state of consciousness and evolve to the next level, stepping up as far as you want to go at this time.

There is a lot packed into this 20 minute experience, make yourself comfortable before you start and enjoy!


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