The Doctor thought it was over

Natlie is Type 1 Diabetic and her BSL was 80 when it should have been around 6. She was in a Coma and the ICU Doctor didn’t wish to speak with me as she thought it was over. I arranged distant healing for her; after exploratory surgery late that night, they found no blood clot and no dialysis was necessary. The medical team found it to be miraculous healing.

Here is her story – by Jenny Dawn Pulford-Linacre

My daughter Natalie has overcome incredible issues in her life healthwise due to being given the wrong at only 3months old. Her whole life has been about overcoming all the adverse effects of this.

It’s been horrendous not just for her but for her whole family. Every conceivable adverse effect, multiple autoimmune illnesses, resulting from that one moment all those years ago.

In a way, I am grateful that the doctor that administered this terrible wrong dose one that should have been for a 6month old, had a mutual friend of ours and when he did this dastardly act, he said “Oh Shit” which gave me the chance to ask what he had done wrong. I have never held him to account in the courts of law, but my daughter and our family have suffered the consequences of this mistake for all the years of her/our lives.

With her suffering all the autoimmune diseases following this fateful jab and over 400 hospitalisations. I have spent many years of my life researching V.axines and their negative effects on people.

It breaks my heart to see how this has negatively affected our family, while in a way has brought us closer together against this absolute Tyranny of so-called science that is supposed to be for our good, but is destroying individuals health.

It made me push my efforts into preventative health and this has helped to bring my daughter to the point of healing that could have otherwise been the result of her moving into the afterlife.

I am so proud that she has had the courage to push through and overcome a very close call this past January 2021 when she, according to conventional medicine should have left us.

With the collaborative help of the hospital and the injected Reconnective Energy healing as well as preventative medicine (my wellness supplemental biz) to help her turn around and stay with us.

She is Type 1 Diabetic and her BSL was 80 when it should have been around 6. She was in a Coma and the ICU Doctor didn’t wish to speak with me as she thought it was over. I couldn’t visit her as there were lockdowns in Brisbane.

However, I arranged for my mentor in Reconnective Healing Julie Jara to do distant healing for her and even though the doctor told me her organs were failing and she would need dialysis for the rest of her life and needed exploratory surgery which occurred late that night, after which they found that she had no blood clot (as they suspected) and all her organs were in perfect condition and no dialysis was necessary the medical team found it to be miraculous healing –

This daughter of mine was meant to be alive and has a purpose in life. Her courage and determination to pull through are insurmountable I am truly proud of her tenacity and her intention to be in this time and space.

It’s been a tough time since she was first diagnosed at age 17 as T1 Diabetic she wouldn’t listen at first, but she has grown as a person and helped many of her friends with health issues.

She is a force to be reckoned with She has a real place in this world. I congratulate her for overcoming adversaries and being the woman she has become today.

Happy Birthday, Natalie, you make your Mumma proud. We have gone through so much together as a family. I love you.

Posted to FB by Jenny Dawn Pulford-Linacre on 17 September 2021

Note from Julie: I remember when Jenny phoned me very well because it was weekend and I was at the beach with a friend, we had just discovered some fish that had bites from a shark in them, and we had just been swimming in that water! My phone rang and I sensed I needed to take the call, I looked at my friend and she waved me a yes as she walked away to give me privacy. If you trust your intuition you just ‘know’. I knew I needed to take that call and I let Jenny know I could do the healing in a little while. She was upset so I did not explain that I was a good hour from home and had to walk back first!

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