Lucy’s Story: What is possible with Reconnective Healing?

Lucy is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in Melbourne, Australia with two wonderful healing stories.

These are both stories about physical healing, but remember that emotional, mental and spiritual healing usually goes alongside… it’s just easier to see and explain the physical!

I’d love to share two stories about how Reconnective Healing helped to heal some badly broken bones.  The first person who lived in Norway, had just come out of hospital after having 4 pins put in his right collar bone – the result of a bad snowboarding accident. 

His was my first ever RH distance session, and despite being in Norway as soon as the RH frequencies came through he said he could feel the energy moving through his body.  I then did 5 sessions with him over 5 weeks.  After the first session the scarring around the skin caused by the surgery began healing so the skin no longer felt numb.  By the third session he regained good mobility in and around his shoulder and after the 5th session he told me he was playing snooker again – which I thought was pretty amazing.  The shoulder has been fine ever since. What a great result for my first ever long distance RH session!

With this under my belt, when my 80 year old sister broke the femur in the her right leg, requiring 7 pins to hold it together, I offered to give her some RH. 

When she returned home from many weeks of rehabilitation I found her on two crutches having great difficulty getting around the house, so she sat down most of the day.  She was advised by the doctors it would take at least 3 months or more before she’d be able to walk and drive again. Her fracture was also made worse by the fact that the bone had been crumbling for some time due to osteoporosis.

Although my sister doesn’t believe in RH healing, she let me visit her once a week, and each time, I gave her around 30 mins of RH.  Interestingly she did admit feeling a lot of heat coming from my hands and experiencing sensations going through parts of her body, including the foot of the broken leg which had been numb for some time, but this changed immediately after the first healing. After the third session she only needed to use one crutch and had begun to take short walks up the street to get some muscle strength back, and by the fifth week she came off both crutches at which point her doctor gave her the go ahead to drive again.  She was thrilled.  Although it did take longer for the bone to completely rebuild, it seems the Reconnective Healing had given her a great start.  Sadly, she never told two of her friends who also had broken bones, about what I did for her, because she had no “proof” the RH helped!

I am thrilled that I can share these stories via Julie, as I would like to encourage people to trust in the powerful healing frequencies of RH.  Much Love Lucy xxxx

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